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Kaia project for refugee children of Ukraine: 1,200 children, 75 volunteers, donations from Europa

More than 1,200 Ukrainian children in 8 refugee centers in the northern half of Bucharest have been involved in educational and fun activities in the Kaia centers implemented since March 8 through the efforts of the 75 volunteers who joined the project initiated by Loredana Visa, general manager of V+O Communication.

Through Kaia, the children in the refugees centers have received substantial donations from exceptional people and companies, such as a ton of pencils and coloring books from a private individual in Germany, over 2,000 hygiene products and toys from Chicco, milk powder and vitamins from Ropharma and, quite surprisingly, a box of toys from a three-year-old child in Greece. The project was also joined by the Israeli SNIR association. These are just a few examples of the mobilization in support of our Ukrainian children.

“I thank those who have chosen to give of their time to Ukrainian children in refugee centers to bring joy to their eyes. I also thank those who contributed with various donations that helped us to bring a piece of joy to these people in distress. We will continue, because the Kaia project is a long-term approach”, said Loredana Vişa, general manager of V + O Communication and initiator of the Kaia program.

The first 75 volunteers are students and even pupils from 9 high schools in the Capital, employees of different companies, respectively specialists (psychologists and psychotherapists, teachers, plastic artists and even a magician for children). 45 of them spent an average of 3 hours each with children, every day, in each of the 8 Kaia activity centers. Children are involved in creative activities such as drawing, construction games, interactive games, and soon introductory English / Romanian courses. “A demonstration of magic was greeted with great joy the other day, with the help of a magician who charmed the children”, says Loredana Vişa.

“This is a marathon of hearts that must continue to beat for these children and that is why I am appealing to anyone who can help us either as a volunteer or as a donor of specific goods”, said the initiator of the Kaia program.

Kaia is a program created and coordinated by the V + O Communication agency initially with a group of 20 volunteers from several countries, consisting of entrepreneurs, executives from different companies, and specialists in crisis situations.

The innovation of the “Kaia Activity Centers” program lies in its flexibility, as it is designed to be implemented in the spaces where refugees are housed – centers or hotels or other temporary residential spaces. It is also a modular program, which can be scaled or adjusted according to needs and availability.

We thank the volunteers and the companies and associations that have already joined us in this endeavor.

You may contact us at for details, at for applying as volunteer, respectively at for donations.