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Since the beginning, on March 4th, this initiative has been developed with the support of 20 volunteers that worked around the idea from day one. Currently, we succeed in having 75 volunteers in total, of which 55 have already been trained, and 45 have already been in a KAIA center, spending an average time of 3 hours per volunteer in a week. People of all ages are involved in this action. The most characteristic example of volunteering is the brothers Vassilis and Giannis from Athens (3 and 6 years old), who sent a box with their toys to the children who now need them the most.

*** It is a prerequisite for all the volunteers to sign all the necessary legal documents and participate in virtual or on-site training.

voluntari kaia

Pupils volunteers

Helping with activities:

  • Entertainment
  • Playing
  • Recreative activities

The purpose is to maintain the KAIA centres’ proper function, keep the place in order, and support the kids in any activity like painting and puzzling.

voluntari kaia

Adult volunteers

Adult volunteers are contributing in diverse ways: participate into entertaining, playing and recreative activities. Other areas are working on the logistic, transport, legal, consultancy fundraising, donations and promoting Kaia activities.

voluntari kaia

Specialists volunteers

A group of professionals helps in psychological matters, teaching kids Romanian or English language that creates a bridge between entertainment and knowledge, and art teachers who enhance kids’ creativity.
Also, children appreciate entertaining brought by our volunteers specialists like magicians, singers, dancers, and others.
We continuously add professionals and specialists for any new category we are developing.
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