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Donation through bank transfer


IBAN – RO12RNCB0093144109370001


KAIA centers are developed and organized by V+O communications. V+O is a team of passionate professionals, a group of creatives who constantly explore new ideas and perspectives that can change perceptions and generate growth throughout the corporate or institutional business.

Romania is a country where Ukrainian refugees seek a safe place. Since the war started, until the 14th of March, 424,000 Ukrainian citizens entered Romania, and 360,000 left Romana. Children forced to give up the usual routine of life and family due to war are negative influences on long term. With a minimum of support: organize them/give them something to do, their current life condition can be improved.

During the firsts 11 days since the opening of the first Kaia Center on 8th of March, we have supported more than 1,200 children. Most of the people we support belong to highly vulnerable groups, like children, women and third-age persons.

There are many ways you can help us, and from our side, we will secure that each donation will be used for children needs. We’ll keep you informed with periodical updates on the program through press releases and announcements.

Contact us today to discuss your donation. Your donation can make a big difference.

Product donations can be made to the address

Hristache Pitarul Street no. 40, Sector 1, Bucharest

kaia donatie produse
kaia donatie produse
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